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Bohemia at the Ambracian Gulf

We are on the Greek mainland in Sivota. Once again, the wind is blowing from the south or not at all. The heat coming over from North Africa lies over Greece. What do we do if it doesn't make much sense to make our way south under sail? We hire a car for a day and explore the country.

First we head south to the mountain village of Perdika with a magnificent view of the Sivota Islands and Corfu.

Then we continue along the coast past the tourist town of Parga. We anchored here last year. And then we look down on the Arachtos estuary delta from above and are totally impressed by this unusual green water landscape.

We continue further inland to the Ambracian Gulf via a long causeway to Koronisia. Here in this shallow lagoon landscape, we feel like we are at the end of the world. No tourists, everything is very quiet.

And then we find the perfect place for a cool drink, because it's been over 30 degrees all day. A few parasols, tables and chairs and a mixture of kiosk and bar, that's "Bohème". Everything is very relaxed. Only a few locals refresh themselves in the water here.

Later we make a detour to Arta to see the old bridge over the Arachtos. It is described as the most beautiful and most famous bridge in Greece and was already mentioned in ancient times. In its current form, it was built from 1612 in the Ottoman architectural style. A real eye-catcher!

We then drive back through the mountains towards Sivota and make a stop in Plataría to take a look at the large, cosy harbour. It would also be a good place for our boat. Before we return the car, we have a nice view of Sivota from above.  

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