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Farewell to the Peloponnese and into the Ionian Islands

It was not easy for us to say goodbye to the Peloponnese. In the last three years we have developed something like a feeling of home. But we had no time to think about it when we left Kyllini on June 1st. For three quarters of an hour we were busy getting rid of the heavy anchor - probably of a fishing boat - in which our chain had got caught. But then: off to Zakynthos! This time we didn't moor in the main harbor, but in the very northeast, in the bay of Agios Nikolaos. When we entered the bay we thought about anchoring instead of going to the pier because of the swell. The decision was taken from us by Kosta, who rushed in with his dinghy and guided us to an anchor buoy. Good solution! The buoy cost nothing, but going to eat at Kosta's taverna, he was already expecting. Good deal!

The next day we went straight on, past the rugged north coast of Zakynthos with many caves, northwest to the next island - Kefalonia. In Argostoli, the main town, we moored in the abandoned marina. No water, no shore power, but peace and quiet with a beautiful view of the town, which we could reach via a long stone bridge (Bosset bridge, 750m long). There it was worthwhile to finally get the Farräder out again.

In the meantime we did a lot of things here: Bicycle trip to the sinkholes. Here seawater flows underground to the other side of the island. Bicycle trip around the lagoon, a biotope with a wonderful flora, birds and sea turtles.

And a special highlight: ride by local bus through the mountains and along the spectacular west coast to Fiskardo. Many sailors come to the harbor of Fiskardo. We don't want that, because the harbor is often full from noon on. Since the pier is laid out in a semicircle, anchor-salad with diver is pre-programmed. And we could see that it is noisy and bustling at the pier. One falls from the cockpit directly on the tables in the tavernas. We watched all this, that was enough. And we had a two-hour bus ride each way with beautiful and spectacular views. A land trip can also be very nice.

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