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Meganisi: An island that changes

After staying two days longer on Kalamos so that Gisela could cure a lumbago, we set course for the west. Our destination: the green island of Meganisi with its many bays. We moored in the harbour of Vathi and set off again on foot to explore the island. In the beautiful neighbouring bay of Spartachori, which is overcrowded with boats in the season, it was very quiet. Even the tavernas had already closed. In the village above the harbour, however, we were able to have a drink at the Tropicana bar and talk to the owner. He told us how the island is changing. A few years ago, there were only two hotels on the island apart from the three villages. Now they are building everywhere, mostly luxurious big houses, unfortunately very ugly to look at. Most of them are private houses that are only occupied temporarily. Where does this boom come from? Is it the view of the nearby Onassis Island Skorpios?

Pictures of Meganisi

By boat we also explore the other bays on the north side of Meganisi, Abelaki and Atherinos. In the meantime we are anchored on Lefkas in the Ormos Dhésimou. Again a beautiful bay with clear water and a rock cave. Many fish swim around our boat. So we go into the water, too.

Pictures from the Ormos Dhésimou

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