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Winter Journey

10 March 2022: We are on the way to our boat. Flight to Athens and then by bus to Kalamata. Greece! We think of sun and warmth. But the weatherfrogs have already clearly prepared us for the fact that it is currently colder in Greece than at home in Germany. They were right: Athens welcomes us with driving snow at two degrees plus. Well, Kalamata is quite a bit further south. Let's have a look. We take the bus across the whole Peloponnese and what do we see: snow-covered mountains. Why didn't we take our touring skis with us? Instead, our luggage contains cleaning and care products for the boat, a grinding and polishing machine … nothing for winter sports. We are planning for the long term and the goal is to start a beautiful sailing season with a well-maintained and cared-for boat.

But also in Kalamata: six degrees during the day and sometimes just below zero at night. That is not cosy and certainly not the true Greek feeling! We are counting on spring to come and then with power.

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