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Adventure Arrival

Actually we had a ticket for the car ferry Venice - Patras, for April 7th. This was converted into an open date ticket, due to Corona, the ferries only transported trucks for three months. The first date on which cars were transported again was July 1, which we booked. 

Purely by chance we learned two days before that in order to enter Greece, one had to answer a questionnaire online, which was then converted by the health authorities into a QR-code, which one had to show when leaving Italy and entering Greece.

Departure was scheduled for July 1, 12:00 noon, you should be there at least two hours before. The crossing then takes 33 hours. 

So we left on Tuesday, June 30th, about 19.00 in the evening and were at 6.00 in the morning at the ferry port, just outside Venice, picturesquely situated between refineries and power plants. It was good that we arrived so early: a group of truck drivers and a slightly smaller group of tourists were already besieging the ferry office. And QR-codes that had been sent, but not to the mobile phone, which had no reception, so we had to help out with our mobile phone - a colourful hustle and bustle. "You look so German! Could you help me with the QR-code?" 

A large ferry boat of the Minoan-Line, which is operated by Grimaldi. Grimaldi? That's right. The Italian noble family that has represented the Princess of Monaco since the 12th century. 

At the ferry port: chaos. Two ferries, but timing and Stufe for only one. So we weites from 8-12.00 in the hot sun. And from 12.00 again waiting: for 5 hours. At 17.00 we started after the car was parked in the third basement (below the entrance level), accurate to the centimetre. 

The ferry was full and there was no trace of consequent mask duty. We had a deck passage, so no cabin - that would have doubled the price. So we got to know the ship, ate something, drank something, read and passed the time also with some sleep.

5 hours delay meant: Instead of the planned arrival at 21.30 we were in Patras at 3.30 local time.  Now 50km to Messolonghi - we were on our ship at dawn - time for a glass of wine. Independent of the time of day.