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Arriving at our second home

Unpacking, putting things away, sorting out ... that is also part of arriving at Aglaya, our second home. Beatrix and Peter, the previous owners, have left us many useful things on board and everything is in perfect condition. Nevertheless, we also want to store our own things, which we really appreciate - for example in the kitchen. But we also want our own style to be visible - for example with one of our favourite pictures in the salon. So for the first few days on board we are busy making everything look the way we like it and stowing things away so that we can find them quickly. We also take a close look at how the supply systems work - especially electricity and gas - and whether everything is OK after the winter and the corona-related break.

On deck we'll also have a lot to do - go through all the ropes, again, so that we're sure what's for what while Sailing. And last but not least we have to put on the new sails. Ehen that is Dome we can start sailing. So there is a lot to do.