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Aglaya shines – under full sails in light wind

Yesterday, light wind was predicted - we wanted to use this to finally try out all sails and test the sailing characteristics of Aglaya. No sooner said than done: First out of the long channel (Messolonghi is located in a lagoon) under engine. Then at sufficient depth the sails are hoisted - three out of four are brand new.
They can be set very well. Then they stand well - very well. Nevertheless, with mainsail, jib, furling genoa and mizzen it is of course hard work - especially at 30 degrees outside temperature.
Aglaya sails beautifully - and the sea behaviour of the hull is just as we had imagined: Calm, softly setting into the wave, very stable, no need to balance with the rudder, even when the waves come from the side.
So: A beautiful sailing day all around with a wonderful boat.

Cruising the Golfe of Patras
Enterich the channel to Messolonghi Harbour

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