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Autumn comes also in Greece

In July, August and September we experienced almost only hot days here with temperatures that were almost always above 30 degrees during the day, often up to 36 degrees. Now, at the beginning of October, autumn comes here too. In the evening it cools down pleasantly. A few days ago we put on (light) long trousers for the first time in months. Maybe we'll soon need a pair of socks in the evening too? In which schapp did we put them when we arrived?

We experience the October weather here in the Gulf of Corinth in a Great Varieté: an alternation of overcast skies, mild light, bright sunshine, light wind or even calm and sudden strong winds, mostly from the west. And from time to time rain and thunderstorms. But even the sun still has power. Our solar panels still charge so well that we can get by largely without electricity from the land.

We also clearly notice that the season is over. The harbours are rather empty. The many charter sailors have disappeared (although this summer there were not as many as usual due to Corona). The tavernas are gradually closing and in those that are still open there are only a few guests. Everything becomes quieter. A mood aptly sung by Gilbert Bécaud in the beautiful song "C'est en Septembre" about the end of the season in France.

So now we can enjoy our cosy boat more and more below deck in the evenings. A few bottles of good red wine are also stored there. They will probably not be taken on board for winter storage.

It gets dark sooner and the sind rises later. That's where the nice big sleeping bunk in the stern beckons.

Before it gets really uncomfortable here in November, we want to take good care of our boat and prepare it for the winter. There is still a lot to do. So we are now on the way to Messolonghi, our starting port and boat quarter for this winter and are looking forward to meeting the friends we have there in the meantime.

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