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Back on the water

On March 22nd we found our boat in good condition at the boatyard of Kilada (at the southeast corner of the Peloponnese, a bit north of Porto Heli). Together with about 600 other boats it had spent the winter there. Some minor repairs to the deck and some minor woodwork had been done in our absence. 

Before the 2023 sailing season can begin, we spent a good week doing care, maintenance and preparation work. We had some assistance with the engine from Ermioni Marine Service. A cheerful, fit female mechanic came aboard ("I love my job!"). Today, March 31, the professional staff of Basimakopouloi got us into the water in no time.

Now we are anchored in the beautiful sheltered bay of Kilada, getting used to the fact that it is rocking again, repairing a few more small things and checking the weather before heading west across the Argolic Gulf. The last few days it was nice and warm during the day, but overnight it got quite cold. Unfortunately, more unsettled, colder weather is announced for the next week.

Our plan for the next weeks: along the west side of the Argolic Gulf to the south and then further to Crete. Here we plan to visit friends. The anticipation of sailing is rising.

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