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Delayed start again

It has something of a déjà vu. Last year we had to wait three months until we could finally board Aglaya. And this year we actually wanted to start again in March. But we didn't want to go unvaccinated. Now the last vaccination date is coming closer and we‘ll be on the way to our boat by train an d ferryboat on Whitsun Monday.

Some of our sailing friends have wintered on their boats in the Marina Messolonghi. So our boat is in good company. Every now and then a message from them and a few photos have made us very happy during the last months. The overwinterers are restricted in their freedom of movement as well, because since last November there is a much stricter lockdown in Greece than here in Germany. There will be relaxations in the middle of May. So we‘ll come just at the right time.

What have we been doing to pass the time in the last few months? The many nice meetings with family and friends were only possible to a very limited extent. But a little bit was possible. And then there were the great webinars and lectures from Trans Ocean and Blauwasser. So we were able to get ourselves further fit on the topics of medicine on board, anchoring, wind and weather in the Mediterranean. We especially enjoyed the three-part webinar "Basics of Boat Diesel" from Blauwasser. Neither of us is a mechanic and we were exhausted after the third part. But when we are back on board, we will look at our Nanni Turbo Diesel with completely different eyes and pay even more attention to it than before.

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