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Freshly showered – but with salt water!

There has been a fierce north wind here for weeks. And we want to go north. After spending three nights on the beautiful island of Kea (see photo gallery).

We wanted to venture north to Karistos, on the southern side of the island of Euboea. We know that we have an extremely seaworthy boat with a powerful engine.

So anchor up and cast off in Voukari Bay/Kea. We have a date with friends on the island of Skiathos. It is hazy, no sun, a few raindrops.

As we leave the bay, we are met by a fierce north (much stronger than the wind apps had predicted), permanently 30, later up to 49 kn, i.e. about 8-9 Beaufort. And due to the long-lasting north wind, a high swell with cross seas has formed, which runs directly towards us. 

That means: riding a roller coaster. The bowsprit rises up to an estimated three and a half metres out of the water, only to dive deep again, so deep that the luff of the foresail gets wet. 

Video: Salty Shower

We are glad to have such a seaworthy boat, because the spray when the boat dives tends to fly outwards due to the shape of the hull. Except for a few very high waves, when water comes over and we get showered. With salt water. 

And the closer we get to the harbour, the stronger the wind gets, permanently 45 knots now. The boat normally makes 4.8-5 knots at 1,500 rpm, which is quite good - but every time it dips into a wave trough, it slows down very hard. 

So we need seven hours for the 20 miles. And after this wild ride, the anchor drops in the harbour of Karisto - in sunshine and sudden calm.........

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