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Home again

Probably our boat would have found its way from the idyllic Petalas Bay, where we anchored for two nights, to Messolonghi even without us. After all, this has been Aglaya's home port for many years. After almost two years we are now returning there, first around the bizarre island of Oxia into the Gulf of Patras, then along the flat alluvium and the lagoons and finally into the channel of Messolonghi. It is also a special feeling for us to enter here again. Who is still there from those we know? And how are the other sailors from our circle of acquaintances? What have they experienced? And of course: Is it still as nice in the Sunset, the marina bar, as it was two years ago?

We receive a warm and cheerful welcome. Our friends Angela and Walter are there when we dock - by the way, on exactly the same spot where we were two years ago. Also the two murings still go into the water at a funny angle. Obviously nothing has changed and we have to try to moor our boat as secure as possible. After all, we want to leave it alone here for almost two months.

In the evening, six of us sit in the Sunset and all talk about our experiences. A nice reunion! Not only Aglaya feels at home here, we do too.

Before we start our journey home on June 29th, there is still a lot to do: Clean the boat, tidy up, do laundry, take good care of everything on board and find someone who can fix our electric on-board toilet, prepare the summer cover. But we also unpacked our bikes again. Maybe we will manage to make a trip to the Gulf before we leave.

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