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Ionian Islands and Western Greek mainland coast – a spectacular scenery.

We sail between the Ionian Islands (Kefallonia, Ithaca, Zakynthos and many smaller ones) and the Greek mainland. Some of the islands have high mountains, the smaller ones are cone-shaped, almost all of them are green. 

We move like on a huge alpine lake, everywhere you look, mountains. There are many small cozy and sheltered anchorages and bays between the islands and the mainland, but also harbors like Astakos opposite Ithaka or Poros on Kefallonia.   The distances between the many possible places are not particularly large, sometimes less than 10 miles, so you don't have to leave so early in the morning and in the evening you can still find a place in the harbor or in a bay to anchor. And the taverns in the harbors leave nothing to be desired - and fish to cook or fry yourself is also available directly from the fisherman.

A wonderful (water) landscape, relaxed sailing, and finally the summer is here - what more could you want?

And here the view from our anchorage at Astakos

in the evening

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