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Katakolon is a tiny town on the west coast of the Peloponnese, 25 miles from Zakynthos. The first thing you notice is that the port is an international customs port for clearing in from abroad, with restricted area, duty free and all that. Why? Cruise ships dock here and their guests can visit the old Olympia from here.
We moor with stern line and bow anchor - another somewhat exotic detail: There is water and electricity at the pier, very pleasant, every evening someone comes and writes down the names of the boats and their home ports - but never someone collects anything.
The little town is geared for day visitors, small boutiques with jewellery, leather, olive wood items, also some restaurants. It is located at a wide bay, 200m from the harbour you can find beaches with fine sand, the water is shallow, you can still stand comfortably 150m from the shore.
Katakolon is located on a headland that one has to drive around if one comes from the north. Behind the place, the way approximately 100 height meters through a pine forest, there, one can enjoy the wonderful view from a restaurant. By continuing to walk alongside the small road in order to descend at the end back to the city, one is immediately in the middle of the Greek agriculture: small flat houses, very simple, goats, sheep, chickens, olive groves………all in all, a nice worthwhile country day.

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