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Live music in the salon

There is no ship's piano on Aglaya. But two of Walter's guitars travel with him - an Epiphone for swing and an Ortega for bossa nova. From the band "Jazz Pastry", in which Walter plays guitar at home, we are far away. But the Pastries came to us on the boat. Unfortunately, the pianist didn't get holidays for Easter, but Annegret brings the vocals and Christoph the bass. There's something going on, every evening, after the delicious home-cooked dinner. Unfortunately, we don't have a warm Greek spring at the moment, but cool Irish showery weather. So no music on the pier. But our salon is perfectly made for small house- no(!) boat concerts.

Our Scottish boat neighbour Alexander, who wants to circumnavigate Europe with his boat (partly overland), is also part of the party on one of the evenings. Some pieces we can sing as a trio.

So the good spirits on our boat get to know such beautiful jazz standards as "Agua de beber" or "Night and Day" or "Don't be that way" ... A nice change from the howling of the wind in the rig.

Little taste of ”Night and Day”

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