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Nafplion (Nauplia)

The beautiful town of Nafplion is the former Greek capital from independence 1829 to 1832, an originally Mycenaean settlement, later conquered by the Byzantines, the Franks, the Venetians and the Turks, the latter two alternating at short intervals.
In 1832 the Greek National Assembly elected Otto of Bavaria (!), a Wittelsbach, as king - certainly the central European powers, Germany, Russia and France, had a hand in this, supporting Greece in its fight for freedom against the Turks. Otto began his reign at the age of 17 - after all, he ruled for 30 years until he was forced to abdicate after an uprising. An important decision of his government: he introduced the German (Bavarian) purity law for brewing beer: The beers you can drink in Greece, Mythos, Alpha, Fix, Mamos, Zeos and a few more, taste excellent.
The fortress Palamidi is gigantic on a steep rock, 216 m above the sea, Venetian-Turkish style, accessible by almost 1000 steps up the rock. At the top, besides the impressive fortress, within which there is also a small Byzantine church, you have a wide view of Argolis in the north and Arcadia in the south. On the south side of the fortress is a large turquoise blue bathing bay, 10 minutes walk from the city.
The town itself is situated between the rock (on which there is also a second, smaller fortress) and the large harbour. At the edge of the harbour in the middle of the water there is another small fortress, Bourtzi, only accessible by boat.
Small alleys, paved with marble, boutiques, workshops where olive wood is worked, jewellery is made or sandals are sewn, make up the flair. As well as the countless taverns and pubs, which of course serve excellent fish dishes, but also classics like moussaka, stuffed tomatoes, lamb with lemon sauce - wonderful. The flair is urban, you notice that Nafplion was once the Greek capital.
The travel guide says: Nafplion is a dream destination. True. We were there for five days and it was wonderful.

Palamidi Castle
1000 steps
Beautiful villas and beautiful squares
Narrow lanes with many tavernas
Greek Beer brewed with German purity law: We like Mythos best
Urban beach

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