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Short visit on board and excursion to the Franchthí Cave

On Greek Orthodox Easter Monday, Tillmann and Claudia came on board for a short visit. Tillmann sings in the Heidelberg Jazz Choir, in which Gisela still likes to sing when she is at home in Heidelberg.

Actually, we wanted to take them out for a day of sailing. No wind. So we make a shore excursion to Kilada and walk along a very beautiful footpath to the Franchthí Cave, one of the most important prehistoric sites in Greece. It was continuously inhabited from 10,000 BC until the Neolithic period 6000 to 1800 BC. It is impressive how large the cave is. 

We make another small detour to Kilada, see the two shipyards and the many boats standing on land. We had already heard from other sailors that this is a good and safe winter parking place for boats. In any case, Kilada is a beautiful and very well protected natural harbour where it is easy to anchor.

After a delicious Mythos on tap, Tillmann and Claudia drive us back to Porto Heli. Thank you very much for the nice visit and the beautiful excursion! Ciao until the next choir rehearsal during the winter break!     

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