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Swimming under the Varàsova

This week even the Greeks think it's a little hot. Until 37 degrees……..
What can you do? Take a bath. Our current local mountain is the Varàsova, barely 1000 m high, its huge rock face rises vertically from the sea.

Less than 100 m in front of it there is Kryonéri, a tiny village with a small fishing harbour and several rustic pubs. And the special thing about this location is that you can swim on a sandy and pebble beach right in front of the rock face - and that the water is shallow there.
These are the typical Greek bathing places: A parasol, under it a small table, on the left and right a sun bed. One orders something to drink and by doing so, one has so to speak paid the user fee, a very pleasant regulation, we think.
Kryonéri is located about 15km east of Messolonghi, you are diagonally opposite Patras with its huge Rion bridge. And the wind that blows out of the Gulf of Patras makes bathing and lying even at 37 degrees not only bearable but really pleasant.

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