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TEPAI and the Port Authority

If you want to sail in Greece, you have to pay a TEPAI, a cruising tax (similar to our tourist tax). Already in March we made an account on the website of the Greek tax authorities (you can only do this digitally) for our boat. Then we tried at least Seven times to geht into the Account again. Without success. Then we tried again when we were here in Messolonghi. Without success. The account already exists, says the form. Or: account blocked……….Gisela tried it, Walter tried it. The visit to the Port Authority was unsuccessful because they didn't get anywhere either. Then suddenly, at the Marina bar, we were in the account. Then we went to the harbour police again and the very friendly and helpful policewoman there helped us - then it worked out, she was quite happy about it herself. Then you get a payment code, with which you have to go to the bank or to the post office, where you can pay it - but only cash.
We are very happy - because if you don't have the paper and you are checked in a harbour or a bay, it costs more than 1000 €.
So we arrived in Greece also for tax purposes, crusing tax per month: 33€. Now we can really start.

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