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There is always something to do on board

After a sailing season there is a lot to do to make sure that the boat with everything on and in it is well looked after and maintained for the winter break. The sails are well packed. On deck all metal parts are cleaned and polished. The wood also needs care. However, we save the oiling of the teak deck for spring. The anchor has probably scraped rocks from time to time. So its tip is rusty and has to be sanded down, reprimed and painted. Dirt and dark stains are removed from the hull. Everything is checked for small damages and the functionality. Especially the engine needs attention. The two diesel tanks should be almost full and a remedy against diesel plague should be filled in. Oil filter and oil are changed and the V-belts are tensioned. A small leak in the cooling water system must be sealed. John, the sailmaker, comes from Prevezza to take the necessary measurements for a new headsail. And a bigger washing action is due. Luckily, even in the second half of October the sun often shines so intensively that everything dries within a few hours. It's a bit like a big cleaning action at home. You sit there afterwards with a glass of wine and are happy about your shiny home.

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