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To the sailmaker in Prevezza

Many sailors leave their boats in the marinas in Prevezza in winter. We want to take a look at this and combine it with a visit to the sailmaker, who will make us a new genoa over the winter. The new motorway to Lefkada is not yet finished. So we drive mostly on country roads (with many potholes), but with wonderful views of the Ambracian Gulf. We especially liked the small town of Vonitsa with its harbour and the fortress above.

In the marinas of Prevezza there is every service and many pitches on land. Compared to the familiar, idyllic and quiet marina in Messolonghi, which does not have a licence for work on the boats at the moment, everything here is large and rather impersonal. We leave our old genoa with the sailmaker - as a model, so to speak. But he still came to Messolonghi especially to measure our boat exactly. In spring Aglaya's sailing dress will be completely new.

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