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Trizonia – The colours of the Mediterranean

Trizonia is a tiny island directly opposite the northern mainland in the Gulf of Corinth. It is so small that there is only one small shop that closes at the end of the season. Then you have to take the small ferry boat five minutes to Glifada on the mainland to do some shopping. You hardly see any cars, because there are almost no roads. At the small market place there are three taverns and two cafés and like everywhere else they are populated with countless cats. In the harbour at the back of the island in a small bay, there are boats that you get the impression that they will never leave here - as well as their owners who live on them. 

That it should be beautiful here can also be seen from the fact that the European long-distance hiking trail E 4 runs across the island. There are various hiking trails to the capes, from which you have a wonderful view of the Gulf and the opposite Peloponnese with its steep, massive mountains. 

The colours, we found, are particularly intense or particularly good to experience and enjoy here. Rusty brown tones on the paths, from the clay on the white karst rock, but also from marble terraces. White the rocks and also the little houses. Dark red - there is a "Red Beach" here with dark red pebbles, bauxite-containing rock that is mined a few miles further east on the mainland. 

Blue - turquoise - green in countless shades the sea, depending on the incidence of light and the condition of the ground. 

Other shades of green are formed by the fresh pine trees, which stand close together in some places. 

Other shades of green and also silver dominate in the interior of the island: Countless ancient olive trees with their silvery green leaves and the silver-grey gnarled trunks. 

We have managed to get away again - because we still have a lot to do here in Greece.

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