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Walter and the boom foresail

Our boom foresail is often in our way on the foreship, but it is an extremely practical sail. Being in the way mainly means that we have to furl our genoa on every tack so that it can get past the forestay of the boom foresail. In very light winds, we can also dispense with furling and carry the genoa across in front of the boom foresail forestay. In strong winds, however, the boom foresail is very helpful because the sail is much smaller than the genoa and it tacks automatically. So in strong winds we can sail well with the boom foresail and mizzen without to have someone out of the cockpit to handle the sails. 

Walter has been busy with the boom foresail since we started sailing our boat. Even during the winter break at home. He probably dreams about her at times. Why? We don't manage to tension the leech optimally. The line that is supposed to tension the leech is passed through the boom. In the front of the boom is a clamp that is supposed to hold the line when the leech is pulled tight. However, the clamp does not do what it is supposed to do. It does not clamp. So the leech has always been not in tension so far. Install a new clamp? Difficult without special tools. Walter had already taken the line for tensioning out of service last year and instead always tensioned the leech with a belt. Also not optimal. That sounds like a never-ending story.

If you are anchored in peace and quiet, but can't go for a nice swim because the water is still so terribly cold and the wind is blowing, you get lots of ideas. So does Walter with the boom forersail. Now he has a pulley attached to the boom. Looks a bit unconventional, but one pull and the leech is taut.

We are curious. Is this the good solution now? Or does the story with Walter and the boom foresail go on? We will report.

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