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Arcadia again

This report is a little bit late, because we had a problem with our website. Now it is OK. What were our experiences during the last days?

After the night journey from Milos, we landed in Monemvasia, the port we already know so well. It is located in the south of the Argolic Gulf, on the edge of Arcadia, the much-praised ideal landscape. Here we recovered from all the wind in the Cyclades, hiked around the rock and enjoyed the calm late summer weather.

After two days we set off for Gerakas, a little to the north, and lay alongside as we had done once before in April. An idyll, even more so now in the off-season. We bought fish from the boat and local wine from the barrel. 

We continued to Kiparissi, an almost unreal village in a mountain landscape reminiscent of the Allgäu. The small pier was fully occupied with our boat and two others. We went swimming in the evening and walked around the bay during the day. And the bar at the harbour was still open, to celebrate we ordered a bottle of Monemvasia wine. 

We skipped the harbour of Leonidi, where we didn't sleep a wink two years ago because of heavy swells and staying awake all night. So we continued to Astros, where we stayed for four days. Again to the beautiful ruins of the Frankish fortress, with a view as far as the castle of Nafplion at the northern end of the gulf. 

And one day we took the bus to Leonidi, an hour and a half drive through this beautiful landscape. Leonidi is a mountaineering village, with red dolomite-like rocks with vertical walls, where we saw quite a few climbers on the rope. An impressive rocky landscape, there is still a climbing festival here at the beginning of November. 

Across the Argoli Gulf to the east, we motored again to Kilada, our winter mooring. On the 1st of November Aglaya was lifted on the land. We needed a few days to prepare her for the winter. Now we are back at home in Heidelberg for winter break.

Pictures of Monemvasia

Pictures of Gerakas

Pictures of Kiparissi

Pictures of Leonidi

Pictures of Astros

Pictures of Kilada

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