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My culinary service provider: fish cuisine on board

Walter likes to cook, I like to eat - especially when the food is finely prepared. That goes well together! Here in Greece we often moor in the small town harbours. There are always fishermen there. And we watch when they go out and when they come back. Fish bought directly from the boat: it doesn't get any fresher than that. The fish are not as big as those from the fish farms, but they are more aromatic. Dorado and other bream species, red mullets, merlane, small bonito, mackerel and various fish that we didn't even know what they were called - they have all ended up in our galley. 

Once Walter filleted a small bonito. A bloody affair. Ready for preparation, they stood on a plate in the galley. Suddenly we heard a grunt. A cat had actually ventured on board unnoticed by us. It had to jump up one and a half metres onto our pasarelle. We must have underestimated the jumping power of cats. Yes, we ate the delicious bonito without the cat.

Of course, there is not always fish. Delicious fava (mashed split peas) with capers and spring onions or lemon potatoes with chicken or potato-zucchini casserole and everything you can make with tomatoes and peppers are also on the menu. All very tasty! And Walter, of course, also likes to eat what he has prepared.   

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