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End of the year

Dear friends,

we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2021!
The past year was unusual and not easy. We are not the only ones who have experienced and felt this. For many people we know, it was a year with completely new challenges, with uncertainties and worries, with restrictions and the abandonment of beautiful projects that could not be realized.
Looking back, we can say that it has been very good for us. The first year, when we both retired, brought us more than four months on our sailingboat Aglaya in Greece. We weren't able to board in early April as planned, but we were there by early July. The change to a new life was exhausting during the first weeks, not only because of the extreme heat. So many new things, a foreign language, and our boat we had to get to know thoroughly and gain experience with it. In this time, we got to know nice and very helpful people. Now an eventful, interesting and wonderful trip around the Peleponnes lies behind us. Thanks to the digital possibilities, friends and families have also accompanied us at least virtually. That was nice, because due to travel restrictions no one could visit us on our boat. We very much wish that this will be different next year. We plan to be back on board in March.
Now we hope that during the time we are in Germany we can see our families and many of our friends again. We do not want to catch up with our "land anchor" in Heidelberg in the coming year, because we are also very happy to be in our "old" home.

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