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Now it's the winter break for us and for Aglaya. Everything below and on deck is well stowed and supplied. Our boat is well secured with ropes, because despite of the mild winter weather there are strong winds and heavy rain from time to time. On the last day before our journey home to Heidelberg we put on and fastened the big winter cover.

Our neighbours, who spend the winter on their boats, will keep an eye on Aglaya. So we can say goodbye and start our journey home. The fact that we are leaving on the day immediately before the nationwide Corona Lockdown in Greece is more of a coincidence, but for us it's lucky. The ferry brings us from Patras to Ancona.

Then we drive through night and fog non-stop through Italy and Switzerland. The streets are empty. So we get through well and on 8.11. early in the morning we are back at our other home. Here it is also beautiful! But we are already looking forward to getting back on board next spring.

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