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High and dry

After four visits (= 4 days with 3 persons incl. Saturday and Sunday) it worked: The much too small travelift lifted us onto the land. Now Aglaya stands high and dry - a berth above the marina of Kalamata. No more swaying. But that's the problem: a totally stupid feeling, because the equilibrium organ and the body feeling compensate for the small boat movements when you move on board or when there is wave. And now nothing. But the feeling of swaying remains. Even more when you look at the boats swaying in the water........

A few days working on the boat for preparing it for winter, and an order for service, and in the winter months the hull is thoroughly overhauled and new antifouling will be applied. 

Still some cleaning and maintenance work, then in March oil change will be made and coolant exchanged - then the season 2022 can start. 

But now first 3 hours by bus through the wild Peloponnese peninsula and across the (still closed) channel of Corinth to Athens. There a night in the hotel, of course, with a long tour to the spectacular Acropolis and into the chaotic winding old town Plaka - then on the 8th of November the plane goes to the cold Germany - home to friends, choir, band......that we are looking forward to.  

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