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And then we had to change our plans …

Mooring at Marina Kalamata

In the evening in Finikunda we went after the smell of diesel, which was still slightly noticeable since refueling in Pylos. The shock: there was some diesel on the tank, but in the bilge under the engine there was really very much. As it turned out later, it was water, but we didn't know that yet. Therefore, we changed our plans: With water in the boat and diesel across the Aegean? In heavy winds? No, we shouldn‘t do that. The next marina (with the possibility of a winter berth on land) from Finikunda is Kalamata, at the north end of a bay in the Messinian Gulf, last year we lay there for a week.
After 6 hours, again without wind, again with engine, we moored in Kalamata. The water was pumped out - 120 liters! Checking in the marina office if there is a winter shore mooring and what it costs, checking how it looks with crane for a two-master with 16 tons - that turned out to be a medium disaster.
In order for the boat to fit into the travelift (which is outdated and too small), both forestays (which brace the mast forward and give it stability) had to be removed, which took several days with hard attempts, because the stages had not been moved in years. The adjusters - bronze on stainless steel - were simply tight. With three men using heavy tools and a lot of force, including heating, they finally were loose on the third day. Now nothing stands in the way of Aglya's shore leave. Only we have to wait one day passing with bad weather, because there is too much swell in the harbor. In the meantime we are very practiced in waiting.

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