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Lady Aglaya rocks again

After the fat motor yacht that had parked us up was ready and could enter the water, the way was free for Aglaya. The low water level in the pool of the travel lift due to the constant north wind was just enough for Aglaya's draft. And after a strong wind from the west the day before, today it was calm and Lady Aglaya could enter the water. Takis, who operates the travel lift, managed everything perfectly and the dismantling and subsequent reassembly of the two forestays by Mikis, the sailmaker, went off without a hitch. Greek precision work. The new seacocks installed during the winter are all tight, and the engine and shaft work perfectly after the repairs and corrections. So we sneak off to a quiet water berth and enjoy the relaxing walk to the water. Aglaya rocks again. We rock with her.

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