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No wind. Nowhere.

In Mandraki Marina, our friend Lisa comes on board to be with us for a week. Between the island of Corfu and the mainland there are many destinations (harbours and anchorages) that we can reach in small stages. But unfortunately very little under sail this week. We were looking for the wind and almost every day we had to find out again: No wind. Nowhere. Even the afternoon breeze, which we have experienced frequently, is absent. Seven knots of wind, below which Aglaya doesn't even get going. And seven knots of wind with a cruising speed of two knots, that was the highest of feelings this week.

So we sailed around a bit, to Kassiopi in the north-east of Corfu with a view of the Albanian town of Saranda. Then south again to anchor off Corfu Town. And then across to the mainland to Sivota. We liked the small harbour with its stoic harbour master. We had a bathing day there. Walter didn't last long in the water, though. Sometimes the fish nibble at you a bit. But they bit him hard on the legs and tore out real scraps of skin. Small piranhas? Not really. But we haven't experienced anything like that yet. Nevertheless, it was nice in Sivota. Although there were still quite a few (German) tourists there, it was cosy. And we discovered a great fish shop where we bought three freshly caught dorades for dinner. On the way back to Corfu to the anchorage in the large bay of Lefkimmi, dolphins visited us again at the boat and accompanied us for quite a while. 

In the meantime we are back in the beautiful Mandraki Marina. Lisa has left the boat. Now Claudia, who sailed with us in the Aegean last year, is coming. We are looking forward to it.

Pictures from Kassiopi

Pictures of anchoring in front of Corfu Town

Pictures from Sivota

Mandraki Marina

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