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Thunderstorm low and then again: the search for the wind

For a week now, we are three on our boat again. Claudia came on board in Corfu Town as planned. Studying the weather map and the forecasts, we found out that a low with many thunderstorm cells was on its way to us. As it turned out in the following three days, we were only on the edge. There was more going on in the Ionian Islands further south, but we also had to deal with three days of unsettled weather and rain.

We spent two more days in Sivota on the mainland. We had already liked it there the first time. On the way there we had nice light wind sailing. The next morning our boat got a powerful freshwater shower with lots of thunder and lightning. Once again, cleaning on deck was spared. And it was also a leak test at the same time. Well, there are one or two places on many boats where moisture or some water gets through during heavy rain. This is also the case with our boat. Since we know the spots, we take precautions.

After the heavy rain, however, we had the opportunity to see a bit more of the area around Sivota. There are very nice places and anchorages, also on the small islands off the coast.

Pictures from Sivota

Going to an island again, to weather the rest of the depression in a sheltered bay? Paxos offered itself. In the bay of Lakka, in the very north-east of the island, we spent two somewhat restless days and nights at anchor. Many boats came into the bay and the distances from boat to boat were small. Three times we moved to another spot during this time.

Pictures from Lakka

But then we could spend two calm, sunny days and nights in the south of Paxos in the bay of Mongonisi. From our place we could already see the next island, Antipaxos. For one night, a flotilla of 14 boats moored at the pier. We didn't mind, because we were anchored at a distance.

Pictures of the anchorage and the southern tip of Paxos

A shore excursion to the nearby main town (Gaios) was on the programme. Gaios is also called "The Saint Tropez of the Ionian Islands". That's in some way true.

Pictures of Gaios

But our trip also showed us that our dinghy has started to leak. Our inventory tells us that we need a new one.

In the meantime, we sailed back across to the mainland, to Ligiá. We had a lot of respect for the entrance to this small fishing harbour. There are rocks scattered all over the place. Some stick out of the water, but most are underwater. So: keep your nerve and sail through with the right course and lookout. We made it! It's cosy here. Many fishing boats, a few sailors, no village, but a very good fish restaurant, they say. We can confirm that, because we tried it out last night.

Pictures of Ligiá

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