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Around the southwest tip of the Peloponnesos


After two nights at anchor we could finally reach the harbor pier in Pylos to bunker water and diesel and to buy food. Dialog with the resolute blonde while unlocking the water supply: "Hello, are you the Water-Lady?" "No, I am not the Water-Lady. I am the Harbour-Master.

Thereby we could practice mooring alongside, because we had to shift three times until we had everything together. Pylos is very lively compared to our visit in summer 2020. Because of Corona many stores were closed last year.

With a weak wind we went around the southwest tip of the Peloponnes. We were able to admire the impressive Venetian-Ottoman fortress of Methoni. Here you can also anchor nicely, but we decided for Finikunda, a small place with a harbor a bit further east. The harbor guide says that you can moor there - if there is room - at a small pier. When we carefully put the bow into the small harbor, we found out that the harbor was full of small boats and anyway not suitable for a yacht of our length to moor. Sometimes it is astonishing what is written in the harbor guides. In it we found again and again data, which did not agree at all with our estimate.

So we anchored again. In such a beautiful bay with good anchoring ground this is an easy decision. A beautiful scenery, a wide view, great colors at sunset and a quiet night. What more could you want?

2 thoughts on “Around the southwest tip of the Peloponnesos

    1. W140990_g-w

      Dear Hamid, thank you for stopping at our boat. It was nice to meet you. You gave us a good advice concerning the diesel, that came into our bilge. Now we found out, how it happened. As you assumed it came in through the overflow of the tank. Now we know. Perhaps we meet again some time. Have a good time in Sweden. Gisela & Walter


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